About This Site


I deal with the supernatural – professionally, that is.

In the course of my work as Executive Director for the Center for Inquiry in Los Angeles, I am in a constant state of both gathering and providing information about the paranormal, the supernatural, and the religious beliefs of my fellow humans. And man, there are some doozies.

In my off hours the exchange continues. Friends want to hear about the ghost hunt at the actress’s apartment in West Hollywood. Relatives are interested in the distorted alien skull that washed up on Newport Beach. Strangers argue over how the Catholics could cancel Limbo after so many centuries. All these stories intersect me, and so I am always on duty.

Our fellow citizens believe in lots of bizarre ideas that range from a universe composed of multiple dimensions to a cosmic overlord dropping H bombs into Earth’s volcanoes 75 million years ago. Some of these notions are hard to wrap your head around, but fascinating. Some are pure horse apples.

My job here is to take a hard look at extraordinary ideas and hammer them until they either resonate with us and inspire our awe, or are plopped down on the dung heap of hooey future people will mock us for.

James Underdown